Psychedelic Laser Lights in Coconut Grove’s Decadent Home and Gardens

By iCoconutGrove | Repost – The Examiner


Coconut Grove is one of Miami’s most striking areas filled with gems for the explorer. This quirky neighborhood is populated with bohemian, eco-friendly residents known for constantly being out and about. With the pulse of a free spirit and all the fine trimmings of a city, there is an array of activities for the snazzy vacationist. Here are two essential Coconut Grove experiences:

The Miami Science Museum’s famed laser show is every Friday starting at 9 p.m., with show times leading up through 11 p.m. On nights when Mother Nature provides clear skies, the museum offers free star shows at 7 p.m. A local right of passage for most Miamians, the laser show has been a staple for years.

For many, the sweet, sweet melodies of classic bands like Radiohead were the high school escape in a time when everyone felt like Holden Caulfield from “The Catcher in the Rye.” The world didn’t get you, but staring at awesome laser beams to powerfully charged lyrics and hauntingly synergistic melodies somehow made everything okay.

If you believe the sounds of Pink Floyd were meant to play in a dome scattered with stars and vibrant laser lights, this is for you. An $8 ticket is all you will need to experience one of Miami’s most celebrated museums in a very far out way.

And if laser beams and classic rock are not your forte, then by all means go traditional. The Miami Science Museum has a range of displays on modern science. General admission adult tickets are $14.95 and children $10.95. For more information on ticket prices, visit:

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a lavish estate spread across 10 acres of luxury greens on prime Grove real estate. Think home and gardening meets a reincarnated Marie Antoinette’s French palace in a very Miami way. As a traveler, this is your opportunity to experience what most houses in the surrounding area are like.

While you cannot tour inside the beautiful oceanside real estate in Miami, many miniature palaces in their own right, you can scan this lovely terrain of historic architecture, which pays homage to the art of grandeur. There is perhaps nothing more Miami in essence.

Coconut Grove ’s palace is also the host of numerous flashy local events and festivals. If you’re lucky enough to travel during one of Vizcaya’s soirées, do explore. Among its other popular events open to the public, Vizcaya holds weekly moonlight garden tours where you can see its breathtaking scenery under Miami’s lunar glow. For more information on Vizcaya’s events, visit


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