Coconut Grove Campaign : “Where’s Monty?”

By Melissa Nobles | Public Relations Manager | Coconut Grove Arts Festival

For iCoconutGrove


The popular beer brand Dos Equis XX® may claim that their spokesperson is the “Most Interesting Man in the World” but when it comes to the Grove, we have our very own legend. A man so interesting he lives vicariously through himself. With a personality so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards. He is Monty Trainer and he is the Most Interesting Man in the Grove.

It’s a fact: everyone wants to hang with Monty. And now they can! Well, sorta.

Kicking off last week, the “Where’s Monty?” campaign follows a foam cutout of Coconut Grove Arts Festival President and prominent local figure Monty Trainer as he “visits” some of the most unique and vibrant spots in the neighborhood.

In an effort to showcase the historic neighborhood where the Arts Festival started 50 years ago, “Monty” will stop by some of his favorite Grove spots and snap a photo to post on the Arts Festival Facebook and Instagram pages. Arts Festival fans will have the opportunity to win two tickets to the Festival based on trying to guess where he was that day.

The contest will continue from now until the Festival and will take place every Monday online. After a photo is posted, the correct answer will be revealed across all of the Arts Festival’s social media platforms.

If you’re interested in trying to win a pair of tickets, make sure to LIKE or FOLLOW Monty and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival at:

@CGArtsFestival on Twitter

@coconutgroveartsfest on Instagram

Good luck to all those who participate! And in the famous words of Monty Trainer himself:

“Stay artsy my friends.”

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