Unika Coconut Grove – Jerry Ruiz

By: Maida Berberian-Bignon / iCoconutGrove


I came to Miami from Cuba in the 1980’s, and immediately fell in love with Coconut Grove’s European feel. It is because of that instant fascination that I chose the Grove, almost ten years later, to open my Clothing Store Unika  on Main Highway.

Since 1989, when Unika Coconut Grove Unisex Clothing Boutique opened it’s doors to the young and fashionable clientele of the Grove, I have found the Grove in constant evolution, yet with the same remaining charm and feel. Twenty something years later, my love affair with the Grove remains, and I want to stay here forever, to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and my daily walks to local Cafes and bike rides through the Grove’s greenery.

I have been successful and happy here and am confident that I made the right choice  with this neighborhood  21 years ago. My clientele @ Unika is loyal, and we strive on repeat and satisfied customers. So repeat …So long… that we now dress the children and grandchildren of our 80’s years.

So Long Life Unika Coconut Grove!


Unika Coconut Grove  is located @ 3444 main Highway  | 305.445 4752


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