Andy Wenzel is the Herald Hunt’s No. 1 fan – This Saturday!

By Christine Dolen | Miami Herald


Andy Wenzel‘s Hunt experiences have turned into a family affair. He hasn’t missed an edition of the Tropic/Herald Hunt in 28 years, and is ready to do it again! He and his wife, Juana Villa, go each year with their daughters, and though they no longer are trying seriously for the win (he’s too busy documenting each competition), they enjoy trying to solve all the puzzles.

“Andy used to take the day after each Hunt off so he could update everything on the website,” Villa says. “It was hard enough for us to compete, and it became un-fun for me. We never win anyway — we’re losers! It’s a lot less stressful this way.”

Andy Wenzel, who makes certain he’s free on Hunt day each year, has won the Wacky Team Name Contest but never the top prize. He laughs as he notes that his record for the Tropic Hunt, the Herald Hunt and the Post Hunt is 0-24. So when is this happening?

HERALD HUNT  with David Barry

Sail away with The Miami Herald and Carnival

for the most fun you can have on dry land!

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 12 Noon

Peacock Park

2820 McFarlane Road

Coconut Grove • Miami

For more information,


Grab your shipmates for the 2012 Herald Hunt! You’ll enjoy an afternoon

of mind-addling puzzles. Silly antics. And head-scratching fun.

You could WIN:

1st Place – 8-day Caribbean cruise from Miami aboard the

spectacular NEW Carnival Breeze (Four staterooms per team

each for two persons)

2nd Place – 5-day Carnival

Caribbean cruise from Florida (Four staterooms per team

each for two persons)

3rd Place – 3-day Carnival

Caribbean cruise from Florida (Four staterooms per team

each for two persons)

Free Event!

This year on SATURDAY (we are not making this up!)




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