Herald Hunt Winner of Brain Twisting Day: The Fiscal Cliff Hangers!

By Maida Berberian-Bignon | iCoconutGrove

There were hundreds of people from all over town and further, present Saturday @ the Peacock Park in Coconut Grove to twist their brains right left downwards and upwards, and compete for the Herald Hunt. Teams spent day challenging their brain cells to win the grand prize of four state rooms on Carnival Cruise Lines latest ship called The Breeze.

Cracking the brain wracking puzzles was actually no Breeze, but rather a huge team effort, of following common threads, leading to set of phrases, turning that into a phone number, finally leading the Davie Team the” Fiscal Cliff Hangers” to solving the puzzle and to total Victory.

Dices, measuring sticks and a common thread of green led contestants to solve and unknot the puzzles for this wonderful brain challenge known as the Herald Hunt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, You now have one full year to exercise your brain, teams, get your IQ’s ready for next December …The Wacky Herald Hunt will happen again in 2013!

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