Noel Garcia | New Age Body Piercing and Grove Ink Tattoos

By: iCoconutGrove


Growing up in Miami, the Grove was the place to be. Before South Beach, before  Sunset, before Brickell… The sidewalks were so packed you could barely walk down the street. Times have changed, but fixtures of those days  are still here. The Last Carrot, AC’s Frozen Lemonade Truck, Maya Hatcha — and of course the colorful characters, families, and my favorite — pets. The Grove feels like a small town; an oasis tucked inside a bustling city.  People in the Grove know each other, say hello to one another on the  street, and support each other’s businesses… Mom and Pop shops who  know the power of eating, drinking, and shopping local. I feel  passionately about small businesses, owning two myself — New Age Body Piercing and Grove Ink Tattoos. My wife, Allison Sagehorn, owns  Sale Rack —  a buy, sell, trade clothing store. I met her in the Grove,  too. Not too shabby! Over time, I have been lucky enough to have 14 piercing and tattoo shops in  South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, South Miami and New York. The jewel in my  crown is the Grove. It took me 10 years to get approved to open New Age Body Piercing — another ten years for Grove Ink Tattoos. It was worth  the wait. I’d like to think that people are finally starting to catch on that my  unique businesses are here to add beauty, individuality, and an overall  positive impact in our community. In our own industry, we promote best  practices of sterile environments and custom work. Moreover, we actively support the Grove itself. Years ago, we helped fund the first the first dog park in Kennedy Park (bonus points for anyone who has one of our original t-shirts promoting the cause). Currently, we champion the Coconut Grove Bed  Races, the Mad Hatter Festival, and sit on the board of trustees for the Coconut Grove Dog Rescue. Sharing what is special about our bohemian village, and seeing it thrive is why I am here. Together, we can make Coconut Grove even better than it was  in the past.

New Age Body Piercing and Grove Inc Tatoos are located @ 3070 and 3062 Grand Avenue | 305.446.0203 | 786.552.6888



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